Ebanks Free-Agency Update

We are going into the third day of NBA free-agency, and Devin Ebanks is drawing interest from a number of teams. Hoopsworld’s Alex Kennedy reported the following on Monday:

Restricted free agent Devin Ebanks has drawn interest from a number of teams including the Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers, according to sources close to the situation. The Los Angeles Lakers extended a qualifying offer to Ebanks last week, which means they can match any offer sheet that the 22-year-old signs.

Ebanks is in search of a multi-year deal. Currently, the Lakers have a one-year $1 million offer on the table. The two sides were supposed to have met yesterday to negotiate.

With teams lining up, it’s likely someone will offer Ebanks a 2- or 3-year deal. If so, will the Lakers match?

Ebanks hopes so. The former Mountaineer has maintained all along his wishes to remain with the Lakers.

Caleb Wygal

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