Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie “Like a Big Brother” to Ellis Lankster

For a young player still learning how to play cornerback, Ellis Lankster has the good fortune to play behind two of the best. Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie of the Jets are considered by many as the best CB duo in the NFL.

Throughout camp and Week 1 of the Preseason, Lankster has delivered a standout performance. He came into camp in great shape, and with the support of Revis and Cromartie, Lankster is learning new – better – ways to play the position.

“I feel like I’ve improved as far as slowing my game down,” Lankster said. “I’ve been working on my hips, getting stretched every day. I’m trying to follow Cromartie and Revis, how they take care of their body. What I’m lacking is being consistent on every play.”

Lankster injured his quadriceps in practice last week, and its unclear if he will play this week.

. “They both fuss at me all the time,” Lankster said. “I have the best corners to watch and learn from. And me and Cro are really close so he doesn’t care what he says to me or how he says it. He’ll just say, ‘Shut up and get it done,’ like a big brother would.”

If his big brothers have any say in the matter, Lankster will be on the field Sunday against the Panthers.

Caleb Wygal

Caleb was born and raised in Summersville, West Virginia and created WVU Pros in 2011. He has published two novels: Moment of Impact and A Murder in Concord. You can follow him on Twitter @calebwygal.

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