Jeff Braun and J.D. Woods on the NFL Draft radar

Could J.D. Woods amazing hands propel him up NFL Draft Boards? Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Could J.D. Woods amazing hands propel him up NFL Draft Boards? Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

On the eve of the NFL Draft, Jeff Braun and J.D. Woods should have a couple of extra batteries for their phones to make sure they can get “the call”. Although WVU possesses two of the most talked about names in the draft, i.e.- Tavon Austin and Geno Smith, there are other former teammates hoping to hear their names called this weekend with Woods and Braun being among them.

   We have been high on this duo’s NFL prospects since last season. Braun played four different positions on the offensive line at WVU, but the knock on him was that he wasn’t athletic enough. He had a great pro day in Morgantown, and showed everyone in attendance he measures up.

  J.D. Woods made some noise in a Mountaineer offense headlined by receivers Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey. Being the third leading receiver still allowed Woods to catch 61 balls for 637 yards during his senior season for 4 touchdowns, including some amazing catches (Baylor game anyone?).

  Going into this weekend, they’re ready for whatever happens next.

  Braun tells us he has been contacted by seven different teams and feels that four are highly interested. “I feel I have a 50/50 shot of being drafted in the later rounds,” he said. “Really wouldn’t matter to me if I got drafted or not, but I know for sure I will have a team by Saturday night.”

  Woods is also hopeful and has contact with several teams throughout the draft process. They’ve also called wanting to know how to get in touch with him this weekend. A great sign.

   “I am prepared for the opportunity, whether it’s as a Free Agent or being Selected in the NFL Draft,” he said. “I just feel that I have done the necessary things on the collegiate level, and I am ready to represent any organization who presents me with the opportunity. So now I am preparing myself for the NFL level mentally, physically, and spiritually.

   “I am ready to take full advantage of the opportunity any team presents to me.”

   Come this weekend, a world of possibilities could open up for this pair of Mountaineers.

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