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Quinn, Shanahan would be best hire for Geno’s sake

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Hiring season is officially upon the NFL as numerous teams are making changes to their coaching personnel. The New York Jets and Geno Smith will be among the teams to have a new leader when the 2015 season begins, and things seem to be falling right into place.

Rumor has it that the Jets are after Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. The Jets are believed to be hiring Mike Maccgnan as their new general manager, according to the New York Daily News. Once that’s done, all signs point to the Jets going after Quinn as soon as they’re able to sign him.

In his own right, Quinn is a respectable hire. He’s led a defense that has had the word “legendary” tossed around when speaking about it, and his squad is going to compete for a chance to go to the Super Bowl for the second straight season. But it’s who Quinn reportedly wants to bring in that may be the best fit.

The NY Daily News said that Quinn wants to bring Kyle Shanahan with him to be the team’s offensive coordinator.

Shanahan comes with a good pedigree behind him, being the son of Super Bowl-winning coach Mike Shanahan. The younger Shanahan would bring inventiveness to an offense that struggled mightily during the 2014 season with turnovers, finding a quarterback and overall productivity.

The Jets have Smith at quarterback, Percy Harvin and Eric Decker at receiver and Jace Amaro at tight end. It doesn’t matter who the running backs are, as both the elder and younger Shanahan have been able to take no-name backs and turn them into solid options.

The Jets have the pieces to create an explosive offense if they’re all developed and pointed in the right direction. That’s where Shanahan comes in.

But Shanahan also brings with him a history of not being able to work with quarterbacks.

It’s well known that Shanahan and Robert Griffin III didn’t get along when they were together in Washington. Before that, Shanahan and veteran Donovan McNabb had troubles. This past season, Shanahan resigned because of a reported issue with the front office concerning rookie QB Johnny Manziel. It was said that Shanahan felt Manziel shouldn’t have been the starter and that the front office didn’t like that.

It’s the last stint in Cleveland that makes him the right candidate to become Smith’s next mentor.

Sure, he disagreed with the front office of his team, but it was because of the development of his quarterback. He didn’t want to put Manziel in before he was ready. Smith needs a guy who is going to be dedicated to making their offense grow and flourish.

If the deal is made and Smith and Shanahan can co-exist, the Jets may finally be able to turn things around.

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