2013 NFL Combine Wrap-Up

2013 NFL Combine Wrap-Up

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Four Mountaineers descended upon Indianapolis for the 2013 edition of the NFL Scouting Combine. All had something to prove. Geno Smith wanted to show he’s the best quarterback in the draft. Tavon Austin wanted to show he’s the best all-around player. Stedman Bailey was out to prove he should be ranked higher among receivers than previously thought, and Joe Madsen wanted to make a name for himself in a very talented crop of offensive linemen.

  Here, we provide links to our collected articles from the weekend. We will have much more on the Combine and begin to look ahead to WVU’s Pro Day — on March 14 —  in the coming days.

Geno Smith

Geno40Smith did nothing to undermine the thought that he is the best quarterback in the draft. From the interviews to the field, he showed confidence, swagger and the tools needed to be a successful QB in the NFL.

Geno Smith’s NFL Combine Results - Geno came out on top or near the top in several categories.

VIDEO: Geno Smith’s press conference at the NFL Combine

Geno Smith fastest quarterback at the NFL Combine


Tavon Austin

Austin40Tavon Austin was one of the most anticipated performers at this edition of the NFL Combine, and he did not disappoint  He electrified the NFL first thing on Sunday morning by running an unofficial 4.25 in the 40. He showed great route running in the throwing drills and great hands.

Tavon Austin’s NFL Combine Results

– Here is video and a partial transcript of Austin’s press conference on Saturday: Tavon Austin says, “I’m the best all-around player in this Draft.”

– On Saturday, Marshall Faulk compared Austin to Wes Welker and Percy Harvin. You can watch that video here.

– Tavon Austin started the 40-yard dash event for the wide receivers and created a sonic boom in the process.

Stedman Bailey

stedmancombineBailey came in a little bigger than expected and stood out in the pass catching drills, rarely dropping a pass. His draft stock is on the rise.

– Stedman Bailey’s NFL Combine Results

– Stedman Bailey speaks at the NFL Combine

Joe Madsen

photo by Todd Rosenberg (@toddrphoto)

photo by Todd Rosenberg (@toddrphoto)

The only surprise at Madsen’s weigh-in was that he measured in with the shortest arms of any offensive lineman at the combine. While that could diminish his stock, having short arms is not uncommon in a center. They are sometimes placed at center because of their shorter arms.

– Joe Madsen’s NFL Combine Results


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