Darius Reynaud Has Huge Day for Titans Against Lions

Darius Reynaud Has Huge Day for Titans Against Lions

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(AP Photo/Joe Howell)

Last week against the Chargers, Titans’ head coach Mike Munchack benched kick returner Darius Reynaud during the second half after he showed questionable judgement on two separate returns. Both times, Reynaud’s choice to bring the ball out of the endzone started the Titans’ drives in the shadows of their own goal-posts.

  This week, Reynaud more than made up for it in the Titans’ 41-44 OT victory over the Lions.

  With less than a minute to go in the first quarter, the Lions punted to Reynaud who then threw the ball across the field to Tommie Campbell who ran 65 yards for a touchdown. The TD put the Titans in the lead 10-6. You can watch the video of that play at NFL.com here. He said later that his heart was pounding when that play was called.

  Than, midway through the fourth quarter with the Titans trailing 20-27, Reynaud fielded a kickoff in the endzone and ran, untouched, for a 105-yard touchdown to tie the game breaking a Titans record. You can watch that video here.

  The Titans went on to win the game in overtime.

  Reynaud finished the day with 4 kickoff returns for 174 yards (43.5 average).

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