Devin Ebanks Gets a Job During the NBA Lockout

Devin Ebanks Gets a Job During the NBA Lockout

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With the NBA looking more and more like there will not be a season, many players are beginning to look for playing jobs overseas (see: Da’Sean Butler and Joe Alexander) while others choose to remain at home.  Devin Ebanks is one of the players choosing to remain at home.

The Lakers organization wanted for Ebanks to work on his shooting and dribbling in the offseason in hopes that he could get some playing time at shooting guard for the team. He spent a good portion of the summer in Washington D.C. doing  just that. Now he is back in L.A. and is looking for things to do off the court.

He already found one job: promotional ice-cream truck driver.

Ebanks and Metta World Peace (the artist formerly known as Ron Artest) teamed up with a company called Sungevity in their “Rooftop Revolution” campaign. It’s the “ first time out-of-work NBA stars are putting their energy into the nation’s hot solar market and emerging green economy.”

  Their job was to pass out free all-natural treats in a solar-powered, bio-diesel ice-cream truck to show “the ease and affordability of residential solar panel installation.”

“While we share Los Angeles’ hopes of seeing Metta and Devin back on the Staples Center court soon, we’re thrilled to have them on our team promoting solar energy as the key to minimizing utility costs and gaining energy independence,” said Sungevity founder Danny Kennedy.

It’s doubtful that this will turn into a full-time job because the two players had to hunch over just to fit in the truck.

Hopefully soon, we can see Ebanks back on the court with the Lakers, rather than handing out ice-cream.

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