A Very Early Look At West Virginia Mountaineers in the 2013 NFL Draft

A Very Early Look At West Virginia Mountaineers in the 2013 NFL Draft

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Could J.D. Woods amazing hands propel him up NFL Draft Boards? Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

  If you are a reader of this site, you know by now that after their brilliant careers, Geno Smith and Tavon Austin have a chance to be the first pair of Mountaineers chosen in the First Round in the history of the NFL Draft.

  Now that the Mountaineer seniors have played their last home game in Morgantown, we decided we would give you a few names to start thinking about when it comes to the 2013 NFL Draft next April. (We are still waiting for a certain Junior wide receiver to state his intentions regarding his last year of eligibility.)

Geno Smith

   Every pass Smith threw in his last game in Morgantown landed in someone’s hands. He went 23 of 24 passing for 407 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. The lone incompletion wound up in Kansas CB Tyler Patmon’s hands. Smith threw that pass under intense pressure, and his targeted receiver did not come back to the ball, resulting in the INT.

  Other than that, Smith showed why he is the most NFL-ready quarterback in college football. He showed he can make all throws, whether they require pinpoint precision, deft touch or they need to be launched out of a cannon. His ability to read defenses and make the appropriate changes at the line of scrimmage remind us, a little, of how Peyton Manning manages a game.

  At this point, Smith could be the first quarterback taken in the Draft. Smith could be the first player chosen in the Draft.

Tavon Austin

  Austin will finish his Mountaineer career as one of the most special players to don the old Gold n’ Blue. When lists of the most exciting players to play for WVU, Austin will be near, or at, the top of those lists.

  As a senior, Austin one of the most electrifying players in college football. A simple screen or slant pass could result in huge chunks of yards. He has a playmaker’s vision, speed, agility and acceleration that can make him a weapon at the next level. He draws comparisons to Wes Welker, DeSean Jackson and Percy Harvin.

  Right now, Austin is a solid Second-Round choice and is sneaking in the end of the First in some recent mock-Drafts. When the NFL Draft Combine commences in Indianapolis, all eyes will be on Austin.

J.D. Woods

  Going into this season, redshirt Senior J.D. Woods did not get much NFL Draft hype. When skill position players such as Austin and Stedman Bailey grab the headlines — and most of the footballs — J.D. Woods did his best to stand out. Throughout the course of the season, Woods displayed amazing hands. Some of the passes he caught were reminiscent of the late Chris Henry. He showed improvement in running his routes.

  At 6-1 193 lbs, Woods has the size to be an NFL receiver. With 56 receptions for 596 yards during the regular season, Woods’ Draft stock is on the rise, and certainly a player to watch as the pre-Draft process moves along.

Others to Watch:

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  • Joe Madsen
  • Jeff Braun
  • Ryan Clarke
  • Tyler Bitancurt
  • Josh Jenkins

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