On Joe Alexander: Resurrecting his career

On Joe Alexander: Resurrecting his career

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IMG_0115-610x400A lot changes in two years, but for Joe Alexander, his world stood still.

Sitting on the sidelines became a second home for Alexander, 27, after suffering a tibial stress reaction while playing in Russia in December 2011.  The NBA No. 8 draft pick in 2008′s road to recovery seemed like an endless road meandering without a real destination. It was fraught with setbacks and frustrations.

“I was just sad, I knew it was going to be a big barrier,” said Alexander.

The first-ever Taiwanese born NBA player, Alexander believed he could return to the court someday.  When however, was a completely different story.

“I was very aware throughout the whole process that this is the type of injury guys retire from, but I never really thought I was going to,” said Alexander.

Alexander referred to his rehab as “like hell” before he made his return to the hardwood.

“It wasn’t as straight-forward as get surgery and come back,” said Alexander. “I was trying to find answers as to how to fix my injury and timetables having to be extended.”

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