John Flowers Returns To Japan

John Flowers Returns To Japan

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Mountaineer John Flowers celebrated his hiatus from the Saitama Broncos by spending a little time with his mom and much more time with his former classmates in Morgantown. If you’ve watched watched the Mountaineers play Rutgers in Morgantown or Marshall in Charleston, then odds are you saw John Flowers cheer on his former teammates as only John Flowers can.

Over this past weekend, Flowers returned to Japan to continue play with the Broncos in the BJ League. Before his time off, Flowers averaged over 20 points, 7 rebounds, and was one of the league-leaders in blocked shots. In Japan, Flowers has had an opportunity to improve his offensive game. While  he flashed a three-point shot during his senior season as a Mountaineer,  one area he is has markedly improved upon in Japan is his three-point shooting.

Flowers first game back on Saturday night with the Broncos was not pretty. They gave up 50 second half points to the Shimane Magic en route to a 88-66 loss. Flowers finished the game with 12 points on 3-13 shooting and 9 rebounds.

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