How Keith Tandy Fits In With the Tampa Bay Bucs

How Keith Tandy Fits In With the Tampa Bay Bucs

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This is part two of our four-part series showing you how the newly drafted Mountaineers might fit in with their new teams. We have reached out to bloggers or columnists that cover those teams for some insight.

We asked Sander, lead editor for Bucs Nation,  how the four Mountaineers, that were either drafted or signed by the Bucs how each player might fit. In part one, Sander told us, how Najee Goode could fit in. In part two, we will discuss Keith Tandy.

After the Bucs selected Najee Goode in the fourth round of the NFL Draft, new head coach Greg Schiano selected Keith Tandy in the sixth. After the Draft, the team went on to sign Tyler Urban and Cody Nutter as undrafted free-agents. Sander will give his opinion on this in tomorrow’s article about Nutter and Urban.

Following this portion of the interview, we have further news about Tandy that came out of Bucs minicamp from this past weekend and Sander’s thoughts on it.

Wvupros: What should we expect to see from Tandy during these  minicamps and in the Preseason?

Sander: As a physical cornerback who works best in a zone scheme, I would expect him to come in and compete for a role as the fourth or fifth cornerback.

Wvupros: If Tandy is the fourth or fifth cornerback, he may constantly be in a fight for a roster spot. How can he provide value to the team that will let him hang on and grow worth the Bucs?

Sander: Like Goode, and every other late-round pick, Tandy will have to make an impact on special teams to stick on the roster.

Wvupros: What is the Bucs situation at corner?

Sander: As at linebacker, the Bucs do have quite a few bodies at cornerback, but Tandy has a good shot of winning some significant playing time given the team’s lack of quality depth at the position.

Wvupros: Where could we see Tandy playing regularly early in the season?

Sander: Given Tandy’s physicality, he could see some playing time as a slot cornerback in dime packages early in the season.

Since we conducted this interview with Sander, the Bucs held their rookie minicamp. On Saturday, Schiano commented on Tandy’s versatility and mentioned that he could be used at safety as well.

“Some guys are just man-to-man guys,” Schiano said. “They’re like, ‘I got that guy,’ and other than that they struggle. Keith’s not like that. He’s a complete defensive back.

“He has zone skills, man skills, press skills, off skills, so we just need to see where he fits best right now. He does have the kind of versatility that’s going to (allow us) to mix and match where he’s needed.”

After this report arose, I asked Sander for his thoughts:

“The Bucs do have a need at free safety Tandy could potentially fill,” he said,” and the coaches have said that they will give him a try at safety if he doesn’t work out at cornerback. I could see that happening, though it’s very hard for me to evaluate how he’ll do at that position.”

Tomorrow, we will have our last installment of our interview with Sander. In it, we will discuss Urban’s and Nutter’s chances of making the team, and about former Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano having four former competitors join his new NFL team.

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