Kent Richardson and the Soul Sink the Sharks – Advance To Arena Bowl XXV

Kent Richardson and the Soul Sink the Sharks – Advance To Arena Bowl XXV

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Kent Richardson – Philadelphia Soul
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Kent Richardson and the Philadelphia Soul played Scooter Berry and the Jacksonville Sharks on Friday night to see who would play in the Arena Bowl. We led up to the game with interviews of Berry and Richardson where they poked a little fun at each other and spoke about facing each other on the field.

During their two matchups in the regular season, the Soul got the better of the Sharks in both games. Neither game was close.

“Kent and Philly are playing great ball,” Berry told us before Friday’s game, “they have been all year. Hands down they’re the toughest competition we’ve gone up against.”

The Soul began to pull away in the second quarter when they Clemsoned the Sharks (yes we used “Clemsoned” as a verb; feel free to add it to your vernacular) when they scored 31 points to pull ahead 45-12 at halftime.

The flow during the second half remained heavily in the Soul’s favor. Larry Brackins set a team record with eight total touchdowns in the game as the Soul went on to win 89-34.

Kent Richardson recorded two tackles in the game. Berry did not show up on the stat sheet.

Now Kent Richardson and the Soul will move on to Arena Bowl XXV in New Orléans where they will face either Utah or Arizona.

With Berry’s season over for the Sharks, look for him to be on a larger-sized football field soon, eh.

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