Kevin Jones Speaks About Going Undrafted

Kevin Jones Speaks About Going Undrafted

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Jones at the NBA Draft.

The letdown many of us felt when Kevin Jones went undrafted in the 2012 NBA Draft last night is a letdown that will only motivate Jones to fight harder to make it onto an NBA roster.

We were among the mindset that Jones should get selected early in the 2nd round if not at the end of the first. Many other Draft analysts were of the same mindset.

We weren’t surprised that many teams went on a ‘Draft and Stash’ binge at the end of the Draft. It happens every year. Teams select the rights to a player prospect overseas and hope he can eventually grow into an NBA player – while still playing in Europe where they won’t have to pay them or take up a roster spot. More often than not, we will never see these players on an NBA court.

We were surprised even with the “Draft and Stash” that Jones did not hear his name called.

  “Shock, disbelief,” Jones told during an exclusive interview. “I thought I did enough to be able to be drafted out of 60 players. But it’s nothing new, I gotta prove myself again. It’s nothing new.”

  We do know for Jones and his agent, Bill Neff, the shock didn’t last for long. It was time to go to work within minutes of the Draft’s end.

“Of course this whole situation is going to make me hungry,” Jones added. “I felt like I should’ve been a first-round pick, at most top 40.

“But I mean, things happen. So just gotta find a new way there, but I’m going to make a new way there, regardless, no matter what.”

First on the phone: the Cleveland Cavs. One of their lead scouts: Mike Gansey.  Jones has heard from several NBA teams already. Now he and his agent have an opportunity to sort through the offers and find the best fit.

Jones may find his next destination today.

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