Montreal Alouettes’ DT Scooter Berry preparing for return from injury

Montreal Alouettes’ DT Scooter Berry preparing for return from injury

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Scooter Berry gets helped off the field after suffering a torn ACL and LCL for the Montreal Alouettes.

   Scooter Berry’s 2013 season with the Montreal Alouettes consisted of five games before suffering a torn ACL and LCL against the Edmonton Eskimos. He was a player on the rise, causing offenses to adjust their game plan around him. His presence invited two and sometimes three blockers to keep him at bay. The NFL was watching him from afar.

   Now, almost 10 months later, on the eve of CFL training camps, Berry is ready to get back on the field.

   “The knee is doing very well,” he said. “I’m actually coming up on 10 months post op. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% but I’ve been making many strides throughout this process.”

   If you follow Berry on Twitter or Instagram, he has documented his recovery progress from the moment he woke up from knee surgery in a hospital bed. He knew he had to go about his training process a little differently because of the injury. He’s now leaner and trimmer.

   “I’ve changed up a few things this past offseason,” Berry said. “The way I train, my eating regimen and proper rest. I was down 20 lbs. at one point and now slowly getting back to playing weight. I just happened to lean out.”

   The Alouettes start training camp on June 1st and have their first preseason game two weeks later. However, the team and Berry are in no hurry to press him into action, and would rather give him a few more weeks to heal under close supervision.

   Berry tells us that, “I’m sure I’d be close to being ready to compete if not ready, but the team and I decided we’ll take proper precautions and use that time to continue rehab with the Alouettes athletic training staff. I’ve learned to be extremely patient and to take this rehab process day by day. It won’t be any different at training camp, we’ll use that time wisely to ready me for the season.”

   His goal is to be ready to go for the season opener against the Calgary Stampeders (Jock Sanders’ new team) on June 28th. WVU is now the second most represented American college in the CFL with eight players after Pat White, Steve Slaton, Selvish Capers, Kent Richardson and Brandon Hogan.

   Berry is happy to see some of his former teammates join the league.

   “I like that a few of my former teammates are up in the CFL now,” he said. “It’ll be nice to go out there and compete against them, and of course we’ll all rep WVU extremely well.”

   Over the past ten months, Berry has missed playing the game he loves. Ultimately, he just wants to play some ball.

   “It’s been almost a year since I’ve had the chance to strap on the pads and get after it. It’ll be good to get back out there and play some ball!”

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