Mountaineers on NFL Rosters After the First Round of Cuts

Mountaineers on NFL Rosters After the First Round of Cuts

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  On Monday, NFL teams cut their rosters from 90 active players down to 75. Here is an updated list of Mountaineers on different teams. This list could change at the end of the week when the final roster cuts are announced.

Two Mountaineers have already been put on Injured Reserve after suffering injuries in the Preseason and another put on reserve because of a past injury. Chris Neild of the Redskins you’re his ACL, and Robert Sands had surgery for a chest injury sustained playing special teams for the Bengals against Atlanta. The Panthers placed Brandon Hogan on IR Monday after his knee was not healed enough for him to practice this Preseason.

The Steelers waived Mortty Ivy due to injury on Monday.


New York Giants – Selvish Capers

Washington Redskins – Chris Neild (IR)

Seattle Seahawks – Bruce Irvin

Chicago Bears – J.T. Thomas

Carolina Panthers –  Brandon Hogan (IR)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Najee Goode, Keith Tandy

Green Bay Packers – Don Barclay


Buffalo Bills – Corey McIntyre

Miami Dolphins – Steve Slaton

New England Patriots - Tyler Urban

New York Jets – Ellis Lankster

Oakland Raiders – Owen Schmitt

Indianapolis Colts – Pat McAfee

Pittsburgh Steelers – Ryan Mundy, Will Johnson

Tennessee Titans – Darius Reynaud

Cincinnati Bengals – Adam Pacman Jones, Robert Sands (IR)

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