How Najee Goode Fits In With the Tampa Bay Bucs

How Najee Goode Fits In With the Tampa Bay Bucs

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  This is the first article in a four-part series at WvuPros discussing how the newly drafted or signed Mountaineers will fit in with their new respective teams. We have reached out to bloggers our columnists that cover those teams for some insight. Who better to tell us how these rookies could fit in with their new teams that from the people who cover those teams?
The Tampa Bay Bucs drafted two Mountaineers (Najee Goode and Keith Tandy) and signed two other rookies as free-agents (Tyler Urban and Cody Nutter).
To help us understand what their place on the Tampa Bay roster, we reached out to Sander (@Sanderrp on Twitter) from Bucs Nation, which is SBNation’s home for the Tampa Bay Bucs. For this feature, we asked Sander about LB Najee Goode.
Wvupros: Goode had the ability to play all three linebacker positions at WVU. What position can you see him playing in, Tampa?

Sander: Najee Goode will likely compete for some playing time at middle linebacker or strongside linebacker.

Wvupros: Many rookies drafted in the mid- to late-rounds wind up playing special teams. Do you see, that happening with Goode?

Sander: He will have to make his money as a core special teams player. The Bucs have a lot of bodies at linebacker, so he’ll have a very hard time sticking on the roster if he cannot make an impact on special teams.

Wvupros: When Goode does lineup on defense, what type of situations do you see him being used?

Sander: The Bucs seem to view him as mostly a two-down player against the run.

During the Bucs minicamp this past weekend, Goode was used at all three linebacking positions. The team seemed to favor him playing in the middle where the depth is questionable.

“Being the signal caller, a lot of people look at the (middle linebacker) for leadership,” Goode said. “But coming in as a rookie, I’m trying to come in and earn my stripes just as every other vet did when they were a rookie.”

Next up: Sander gives us a look at Keith Tandy.

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