NFL schedule provides excitement for WVU fans

NFL schedule provides excitement for WVU fans

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IMG_466417573527589 Spring workouts have started and schedules have been released for the NFL. Football season is right around the corner.

Last season, WVU fans saw some exciting games while keeping up with their favorite WVU Pros.

Bruce Irvin won a Super Bowl. Tavon Austin single-handedly defeated the Indianapolis Colts. Geno Smith played spectacular in his first Monday Night Football appearance. Terence Garvin sent a punter to the hospital. Pat McAfee laid out a kick returner. Pac Man Jones filled up the stat sheet with interceptions. And Najee Goode started a few games and scored a defensive touchdown.

But those are just a few good moments from what was a solid year for WVU Pros in the NFL. This year looks to bring the same excitement and even better action as we take a look at some intriguing matchups this season.

Irvin and the Super Bowl champs open up against Green Bay to defend their title. They’ll have one of the top 10 toughest schedules coupled with a Week 4  he week, something Irvin took to Twitter about when the schedule was released, saying “How they kill us with a week 4 bye? Thought we won the Super Bowl! #nolove”.

The St. Louis Rams have one of the league’s toughest schedules. Austin and teammate Stedman Bailey will endure a tough stretch of games after their Week 4 bye week when the Rams take on arguably the hardest eight-game stretch of any team in the NFL.

The Rams will play seven playoff teams in eight games with a three-game road stretch tacked on in the middle. During the stretch the Rams will host Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle before traveling to Kansas City, San Francisco and Arizona. They’ll end the eight-game barrage by hosting Peyton Manning and the Broncos then traveling to San Diego.

With that slate of games in the mix, the Rams also have the daunting task of playing their division foe and Super Bowl champion, Seattle, twice, making it hard on Austin and Bailey offensively. Also, Austin will square off with college nemesis Tyrann Mathieu, aka the Honey Badger, twice over the course of the season, setting up an exciting matchup.

Moving down the line, the New York Jets will try to move past an 8-8 season and have a very good shot to do so with the schedule the team has been given.

Smith and the Jets will have to overcome a tough slate of games to start the season, but if they win at least four of their games before the bye week late in the season, they have a decent shot at finishing at least one game better than last season.

The Jets will open the season with Oakland but then shift gears to a tougher schedule, playing  Green Bay on the road in Week 2. From there, Gang Green will host Chicago and Detroit, travel to San Diego and play Manning and the Broncos at home. That sets up the perennial matchup between Darrelle Revis, Tom Brady and the Patriots on Thursday Night Football.

In all, WVU fans will be able to watch Smith, Ellis Lankster and the Jets in primetime on three different occasions. The Week 3 matchup with Chicago and the Week 13 game against Miami will both be on Monday night along with the Thursday game with New England.

Other notable games on this season’s schedule for WVU fans come in the form of the always promising Cincinnati-Pittsburgh matchup, which happens twice every season. Fans will have to wait until the last four weeks of the season for the matchup but the Bengals and Steelers will play both games in that four-week stretch, ending the season together.

The Bengals will play a key stretch of games in the beginning of the season, starting in Week 5 with New England on Sunday Night Football. The Bengals will then play Carolina, Baltimore and Indianapolis.

Steelers fans will be able to see Garvin and Will Johnson in primetime five times this upcoming season, with the Steelers playing the Ravens twice in that slot.

In all, Pittsburgh plays on Thursday night in Week 2 in Baltimore, in Carolina for Sunday night Week 3, in Pittsburgh to host Houston on Monday night in Week 7 and the Ravens again in Week 9 and finally in Tennessee Week 11 to play the Titans.

Whichever team you root for or whichever WVU Pro you follow the most, you’ll have plenty of games to look forward to, and, as always, stay locked in to WVU Pros for all the updates.

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