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Pat White and Matty Staudt team up to bring you the Pat White Podcast

Pat White and Matty Staudt team up to bring you the Pat White Podcast

Matty Staudt   On July 31st, in the middle of his first season with the Edmonton Eskimos, Pat White began working on a possible post-playing career in broadcasting with the debut of the appropriately named Pat White Podcast on Stitcher Radio.  However, he is not alone in this venture.

His co-host has 25 years in the broadcasting field, starting at age sixteen at WQKZ in Keyser, WV. He went on to be a producer at CBS Radio and a part of sports shows such as “Opie and Anthony” and “Don and Mike” to being a radio/podcasting consultant with clients like Jamie Foxx and Kevin Smith. Oh yeah, he is also a WVU Alum who graduated in 1995.

His name is Matty Staudt. He is the professor of radio/podcast studies for The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, founded and is the General Manager of their campus station “Urban Knights Radio” which is a featured station on iHeart Radio. 

Staudt and White met a a game watch party with the Los Angeles Alumni group. They got to know each other and clicked. They stayed in touch and recently had lunch in San Francisco.

“We were having lunch and Pat was telling me he wanted to try radio/TV in the future,” Staudt told us. “Since teaching broadcasting is my business, I told him I would help him and we literally went to a studio that afternoon and did the first show and it turned out great. I think Pat is a tremendous talent and our show will be the first of many jobs he will have in the future as a broadcaster.”

In White’s few years away from football, he dived into several business and career ventures, including acting and the possibility of getting into politics (all of which he discussed in the first episode of the podcast). He knows that sports will not last forever and wants to stay busy after retirement. His knowledge of the game and his personality makes him well-suited to broadcasting. 

One quality of White is that he will tell you how it is and what he thinks. He pulls no punches. That is what listeners can expect to hear when they tune in to the podcast to hear him talk about WVU football and life in general: honesty.


“Pat is going to tell it how he sees it,” Staudt says. “Pat has got better insight into the game and the Mountaineers more than anyone else you will hear on the air.”

Staudt’s role is to guide the narrative and help White become more comfortable behind the mic. While White and Staudt could talk for hours on their own, they actively crowdsource for questions to answer on the podcast to get the listeners involved. Have you ever wanted to ask White a question or get his opinion on some facet of the current football program? Now you can.

“The show is going to always be a place where the listeners questions rule,” Staudt says. “They will make up the majority of the show. I hope to add a little humor and ask Pat the questions that fans want to hear.”

Staudt’s and White’s goal is to make this a year-round show if they keep growing. They record the podcast on Tuesday afternoons and release new episodes on Wednesdays. White records his part in Edmonton while Staudt runs the studio in San Francisco. They’ve received good numbers in their first two episodes and hope to add sponsors. Their target audience? WVU Alumni and fans everywhere. 

During the season, they will discuss the past week’s game and look ahead to the next opponent while taking questions from fans. What did White think of WVU’s performance against Alabama? You will find out this week.

Anyone can ask a question to the show by emailing patwhitepodcast@gmail.com or on Twitter at @P5White and @mattystaudt.

Each episode can be found on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.  We will also let you know when each episode becomes available.

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