Pat White wants back into the NFL

Pat White wants back into the NFL

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PatWhiteWest+Virginia+v+Colorado+8mzoB04zcull Pat White’s NFL career lasted little more than one season after getting selected 44th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins. It was a seemingly disappointing ending to an NFL career for one of the most decorated quarterbacks in NCAA history.

However, let’s not close the book on that story yet.

In an interview with Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, White pointed out a reason as to why his first stint in the NFL did not last.

“Just wasn’t mentally ready to compete at the level that I needed to be,” he said. “Everyone wants to point fingers as to why it didn’t work out in the NFL. I felt it was because of me,” he said.
“I could’ve done a lot more film study, a lot more working on my game. Instead of being there 30 minutes after practice, be there an hour. It’s the little things.
“I understand now that I was disrespectful, very disrespectful, to the gifts that I was given. I wasn’t as focused as I should have been, and I took my gifts for granted. Now that I know that, it won’t happen again.”

At the time he entered into the NFL, White was considered undersized for a quarterback. Now with the recent success of a comparatively smallish Russell Wilson, and the rise of the zone-read in NFL offenses, White’s skill set is something that may appeal to NFL coaches and GM’s.

After being out of competitive sports since he left the Kansas City Royals organization early last year, White has the itch to compete. His level of competitiveness is a characteristic that many elite athletes have. Competition is in his blood. Last year, he said that he wants to get into acting and has had some acting classes. He also helped to launch one of his friend’s hip-hop careers.

However, the latent competitive juices never stopped flowing. He has even has contact with at least one Major League Baseball team.

This week, he is in Mobile, AL as many NFL types appraise college talent at the Senior Bowl — a game in which White took home MVP honors in 2009.

“I know that I can still do it,” said White. “I just want to come out here, shake hands, show my face and let coaches know that I’m interested.”

All it could take for White to get back in is for one coach to invite him in for a tryout or to OTA’s.

“There’s no trying,” White said. “I’m getting back in. It’s going to happen.”

We all hope that in the changing landscape of offenses, White can continue to live his dream as a starting NFL quarterback.

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