Robert Sands Finds Bengals OTA’s Constructive

Robert Sands Finds Bengals OTA’s Constructive

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At this time last year, the NFL Lockout kept players from having Organized Team Activities. Rookies like Robert Sands and J.T. Thomas wound up being seldom used, or not at all, last season because they came into to Training Camp after the Lockout after having no contact or instruction from their new coaching staffs.

This year, the Lockout is long gone, and second year players like Sands are going through their first OTA’s. Sands has a chance from appearing in one game last season to starting this season. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis is high on Sands. After the team released veteran Chris Crocker, the former hard-hitting Mountaineer is one step closer to starting. 

So far during Bengals’ OTA’s, Sands has had some ups and downs, but that is to be expected while learning the game. Players make mistakes, and with the help of coaches, they learn from them.

Over the weekend, Sands tweeted the following alluding to how constructive he finds the OTA’s:

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