Tavon Austin to work out for the 49ers

Tavon Austin to work out for the 49ers

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Austin40  Tavon Austin, Geno Smith and Stedman Bailey are going to rack up the Frequent Flyer miles over the next month. Austin has, or will, work out for the Ravens, Patriots, Bengals and Dolphins so far. Now you can add a cross-country trip to San Francisco to the list. 

  Austin could help the defending NFC Champs in several ways, including kick returns after losing Ted Ginn Jr. to Carolina last week. Randy Moss does not look like he will return. The 49ers added wideout Anquan Boldin to go along with  Michael Crabtree and Mario Mannningham.

  San Francisco holds 14 draft picks next month. With Austin likely to go in the first round, they could afford to draft a speedy receiver as a luxury. The 49ers don’t have someone with Austin’s speed, and he could fit in very well from the first day of camp.

  The date of Austin’s visit isn’t known at this time, but it will be in April. We wonder if it’s possible that Pat White could be the one throwing to him during the workout?

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