Tavon Austin to work out for the Ravens on Thursday

Tavon Austin to work out for the Ravens on Thursday

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  After traveling all over the nation in the past week, Tavon Austin is going home. Sort of.

  He will be in his hometown Baltimore on Thursday to workout for the Ravens. The two sides previously met in a private meeting at the NFL Combine.

*UPDATE*  Make a trio of Mountaineers at Baltimore’s pro day on Thursday. You can add Terence Garvin and Josh Francis to the list working out for the Ravens along with Austin. h/t to Greg Canapp for the tip.

  Matt Vensel of the Baltimore Sun wrote that  “the Ravens already have one of the NFL’s fastest wide receiver in Torrey Smith, who is entering his third season. But pairing him with Austin, who didn’t have much trouble getting separation in college, would really open up the field for Flacco.”

  In addition to his meeting with Baltimore, Austin has plans to visit Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland and a second visit to Cincinnati in the near future. He was in Denver and San Francisco earlier this week and has met with Carolina, Miami and New England. If you’re keeping count, that is ten teams so far Austin will visit.

  Also, ESPN draft guru, Mel Kiper now ranks Austin as his top WR prospect in this draft. Says Austin is a “gamebreaker”.

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  • […]   Terence Garvin and Josh Francis worked out for the Ravens alongside Tavon Austin on Wednesday. ESPN’s Mel Kiper moved Austin to his #1 WR and believes he is the most NFL-ready offensive player in this draft. He is quickly moving up draft boards and could climb into the top 10 of the NFL Draft.  […]