Where Are They Now Wednesday: Grant Wiley

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Grant Wiley

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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Grant Wiley


Grant Wiley graduated from WVU as it’s all-time leading tackler in 2003 — a record that no one has since come close to touching. Where is he now? If you were tuned into Comedy Central on Tuesday night, you might have seen him.

After he moved on from WVU, he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings before suffering a career-ending shoulder surgery.

He has since turned his competitive juices into creative juices. His band, Gn’8, wrote Mountaineer Nation, a stadium thumping tune heard blasting through the speakers at Milan-Puskar. He lost 60 pounds, moved to New York City and took acting classes at the prestigious William Esper Studio.

Comedian Amy Schumer also attended the same school, and she has a very funny show in it’s second season on Comedy Central appropriately titled Inside Amy Schumer.

Wiley has appeared on the show in each of the last two episodes. Here is a short clip from his appearance the broadcast on Tuesday night:


 When we asked him about his experience on the show, he had nothing but glowing terms to describe it.

   “Amy has been amazing and loyal to people she has come up with to give everyone opportunities to perform and showcase their abilities on her show,” Wiley said, who also appeared on the show last week. “She’s cool like that.”

   Inside Amy Schumer is a show that is beginning to grow in popularity as they are now four episodes into their second season.

   “The show is amazing and hilarious,” he said. “Off the air, I’m very selective on what I watch, and I do take the time out to watch this show in particular because it’s funny. It’s very creative. It’s fearless.”

    About his time on the set, he said, “It was cool. The whole process was just fun because there was a lot of people that are talented and love to have fun and are funny and understand how to deliver. Everyone is cool. The director is very professional, and at the same time is very open to allowing everyone to have a great performance. From your own ideas to what they are aiming for. It was a lot of fun.”

   Wiley has also appeared on Sex and the City: The Movie, Limitless, The Adjustment Bureau, The Wire, Lipstick Jungle, 40, Kings, Damages, and All my Children. With his appearances on Inside Amy Schumer behind him for the time being, Wiley looks to stay busy  in the entertainment industry.

   “I have a lot going on,” he said “The music and some other businesses I’m involved in, and just continuing to go after roles and develop.”

   While we await his next move, you can follow him on Twitter  and on Instagram @Gweyeli.

   You can also visit Gn8’s Soundcloud. Wiley’s advice when doing so?

   “Play each tune as loud and you can and scream afterwards.”

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