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Geno Smith took less money to remain with Seattle

Written by Caleb Wygal

Geno Smith was briefly a free-agent over the weekend while the Seattle Seahawks did some roster shuffling. After a solid preseason, a couple other teams tried to lure Smith away from the Pacific Northwest.

“I had some teams call me, actually offering me more money,” said Smith, “But I decided to stay.”

Smith was released on Saturday by Seattle that, at first, was a head-scratching move. It meant that the team would have only one quarterback on the roster, Russell Wilson.

The team had pulled off a blockbuster trade earlier in the day for the Texans’ Jadeveon Clowney and had to maneuver players and numbers to get to the mandated 53-man count for active rosters. Seattle told Smith to hang tight and they would resign him the next day after Saturday’s transactions were cleared by the NFL office.

That left Smith as a free-agent for roughly 12 hours. In between, he received calls from quarterback-needy teams inquiring as to his availability.

And offered him more money.

“It’s always tempting when you get offered more money, right?” Smith said. “But I didn’t want to move.”

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