The NBA Draft Is Here – Where Will Kevin Jones Land?

The NBA Draft Is Here – Where Will Kevin Jones Land?

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Today is the day Kevin Jones has waited for his entire life. His dreams will come true today during the NBA Draft (ESPN, 7:00 P.M. EST). Jones has worked out for at least 11 teams, and has at least two guarantees from teams who say they will draft him as reported by Mike Casazza. 

We suggested the Golden State Warriors is one of those teams with a guarantee. The second team? According to Casazza’s report, Jones’ agent Bill Neff said the second team will take him with their pick early in the second round. Of the teams with the first 10 picks in the second, besides Golden State, the only one of those teams Jones worked out for are the Sacramento Kings.

If that’s the case, Jones is likely headed out west to Golden State or Sacramento. However, as we suggested in an article comparing to Jones to what happened to Bruce Irvin in the NFL Draft, what if another team is enamored of Jones, and jumps ahead of those teams?

The Oklahoma City Thunder could be one of those teams at #28. Jones could fit in very well with OKC.  Casazza tweeted that one of the two teams with the Draft guarantee could have been Indianapolis. They have the #26 pick in the first round although they are trying to package that pick to move up.

If Jones lands on a team with the right fit, he could have a very long career.  Although his athleticism and height is in question, he has attributes many players that will be selected ahead of him don’t have. He may never be an All-Star, but he will be one of those high-motor, steady contributors in the NBA for 10 years or more. He is the best offensive rebounders in this Draft class, and one of the best rebounders overall.

We think, after looking at who Jones has worked out for, team needs, and the ‘guarantees’, that Jones will land at Golden State with the 35th pick in the second round. Golden State has four picks in this Draft. We think they will take Jones with their 3rd pick in the Draft. They hold the #7th and 30th picks before the 35th. The consensus is that the Warriors will take UCONN’s André Drummond with the 7th pick. The team’s most pressing need is frontcourt help. Look for them to take Jones to further bolster their frontcourt.

Where do you think Jones will land? Tell us below.


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