Mountaineer Great, Owen Schmitt Opens Music Venue, Restaurant, and Bar

Mountaineer Great, Owen Schmitt Opens Music Venue, Restaurant, and Bar

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For Immediate Release
January 14, 2013

MORGANTOWN, WV – Renovations are underway at 245 Cheat Road in Morgantown, WV in preparation for Schmitt’s Saloon opening next month.  Grand Opening is scheduled for the beginning of February.

  Owen Schmitt and his partner, Todd King, share a common vision- to create a place for anyone and everyone to hang out, party, and play or listen to great music. Schmitt is a legend in the state of West Virginia, and his love for the state would rival anyone’s. This vision is a bar, restaurant, and music venue with a West Virginian country flair.  While playing in the NFL, he was approached by Todd King, a successful restaurateur, who painted a vision on how to bring Morgantown and North Central West Virginia a new concept around Schmitt’s love for the state and his love for music.

  “I still don’t believe this is really happening.  I couldn’t be more stoked. I get to combine all my loves into one place that I will call home.  Music, food, sports and the state of West Virginia,” Schmitt stated.

  The location has been completely gutted and will resemble and old fashion saloon with all the modern technologies.  Throughout the new restaurant and bar, you will see barn wood.  All the barn wood used is from old barns dismantled in Monongalia and Preston Counties.  The floors were replaced with cabin grade oak boards and the bar is made out of antique oak from the 1830s.  You even have to walk through real saloon doors to go to the outhouse (well, the restroom).  “Providing the barn wood for Schmitt’s Saloon has been like a dream of mine.  I love recycling salvaged wood, I love music and I think Owen is a great guy,” stated Scott Frederick who tackled the task of designing the dining room, and providing the barn wood and tin.  Frederick is also a percussionist and plays washboard with Schmitt and the Davisson Brothers on occasion.

  Schmitt’s Saloon will be open daily for lunch and serve food late into the evening.  The menu is like no other in Morgantown.  It’s cooking with a flair. You can expect the traditional classics such as sweet potato fries and burgers, however, the fries come with bacon, banana chips and a peanut sauce while the burger is stuffed full of cheese that oozes out.  Unique items will also be featured such as bourbon glazed deviled eggs, secretly cooked wings and funnel cakes.

  The entertainment scene will revolve around music and sports.  There will be music played up to four times a week.  The sound system is all brand new and will rival any system in the entire state.  A “jumbotron” is being built in the dining area that is sure to make people think of the Dallas Cowboys and Jerryland, except this jumbotron is made of tin and barn wood.

  Throughout a normal week, you could find yourself involved in one of our many leagues or contests including corn hole, pool, beer pong, hot dog eating contests and much more.

   “If you love West Virginia, love Good Food, and love Good Music, you have now found your second home at Schmitt’s Saloon,” Schmitt continued.

   The hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 11:00am to last call nightly and Sunday 12 to 12.  A new website and Facebook page will be launched soon.

For more information contact:
Todd King General Manager/ Partner

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