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Jeff Hostetler in the NFL 100 Greatest Plays of All Time

Written by Caleb Wygal

The NFL is celebrating their 100th season and revealing the Top 100 plays of all time. Coming in at #73 is a familiar face to WVU Mountaineer football fans: Jeff Hostetler.

Hostetler’s pass to Mark Ingram to continue that drive in the 3rd quarter, eventually leading to an Otis Anderson 1-yard TD run to put the Giants up for good. The drive consumed a then-recording breaking 9:29 of game time. Hostetler passed for 222 yards and TD in the game.

Jeff Hostetler was listed as a nominee for the 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot that was released earlier this week.

Dan Dierdorf’s statement at the end of the clip about this being a key play you would look back on if the Giants won the game certainly held true as we and the NFL are still looking back on it 28 years later.

H/T to Gage Freeman for giving me the heads-up on this.

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